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on How to Create
Communities in Times
of Uncertainty

Edition #1    

Toolbox is an investigation on art tools that can bring us energy and possibilities to face a present in crisis. A call to artists who work with social, educational and mediation practices; facilitators of processes, creators of exceptional situations.

With honesty, from the subjectivity of each participant and the negotiations that collective processes require, it presents different frameworks of action and conviviality to learn together and develop transforming social relations.

The tools concentrated in this publication allow us to ask questions without rushing the answers, to create personal and collective archives in order to concentrate our ideas, sensations and memories, to communicate in verbal and non-verbal languages, both in proximity and distance, with human and non-human entities, in the vigil and at the same time in dreams. A weaving of graphic, choreographic, audiovisual and performative media. While some provoke, others invite, but all of them propose practices to train deep listening and to dig into personal and/or collective memory.
Curated and edited by Aisel Wicab and Daniela Ramos Arias

Contributors –
Ewa Hubar 
La Hervidera
Stacy Brafield

Colaborators –
Fernanda Barreto
Empathic Pedagogies Network
Hordaland Kunstsenter

Design —
Mariana Alfaro
Surya Son