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A Toolbox on
How to Create Communities
in Times of Uncertainty

With contributions by Stacy Brafield, Ewa Hubar, Laagencia and La Hervidera.
Curated and facilitated by Daniela Ramos Arias and Aisel Wicab.

List of events:

15th and 16th of November
Workshop with Ewa Hubar, How to remember your dreams
Time: 18-20 each evening  (sign-up required: daniela@kunstsenter.no)
Location: Hordaland Kunstsenter

17th and 18th of November
Workshop with Laagencia, Vergel in the Cloud
Time: 14-16 both days (sign up required: daniela@kunstsenter.no)
Location: Aerial

18th of November
Website and publication launch: A Toolbox on How to Create Communities in Times of Uncertainty
Time: 18-20
Location: Hordaland Kunstsenter

A Toolbox on How to Create Communities in Times of Uncertainty, or simply - Toolbox is an open-source publication accessible for others to use in their art institutions, organisations and communities. It collects four mediation models (tools) proposed by artists, cultural workers and collectives from around the world: Stacy Brafield (Bergen) Ewa Hubar (Warsaw), Laagencia (Bogotá/Bassel/Rotterdam) and La Hervidera (Mexico City). The models respond to the question How to create communities in times of uncertainty?

For one week, Bergen will be the meeting point for the Toolbox community. During these days there will be two workshops that will activate two of the tools, facilitated by Ewa Hubar and Laagencia. At the end of the week, there will be an evening of presentations, music and food to launch the website and publication.

The tools presented on the website allow us to ask questions without rushing the answers, to create personal and collective archives in order to concentrate our ideas, sensations and memories, to communicate in verbal and non-verbal languages, both in proximity and at a distance, with human and non-human entities, in the vigil and at the same time in dreams. They weave graphic, choreographic, audiovisual and performative media. While some provoke, others invite, but all offer a space to practice deep listening and dig into personal and/or collective memory.

This work has been possible thanks to the generous support of Bergen Municipality and the Norwegian Council of Arts and is done in collaboration with Hordaland Kunstsenter and aerial.