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TOOLBOX is an investigation project created by:
Daniela Ramos Arias and Aisel Wicab

Curated by:
Daniela Ramos Arias and Aisel Wicab

Web and Publication Design:
moho – Mariana Alfaro and Surya Son

Stacy Brafield
Ewa Hubar
Laagencia – Mariana Murcia and Santiago Pinjol
La Hervidera – Ana Zambrano and Cristina Medellin

Fernanda Barreto
Empathic Pedagogies Network
Hordaland Kunstsenter

Proofread by:
Michelle Bardales
Ruby Eleftheriotis

Supported by:
Bergen Kommune
Norwegian Council of Arts


Daniela Ramos Arias (Bergen/Costa Rica)
Daniela is a curator, mediator and cultural manager living and working in Bergen. She has a BA and a MA in visual arts from the former Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen (now KMD). And a MA in Curatorial Practice at KMD in the University of Bergen. She initiated artfolk in 2017 as a platform dedicated to art mediation practices and the promotion of local artists in Bergen. She was Head of Education and Me

diation for Bergen Assembly 2019 and now part of the Mediation team for the new edition in 2022. Daniela is curator and runs the mediation program at Hordaland Kunstsenter. She she has a freelance practice where she has collaborated with several institutions and independent projects such as (nationally) Tenthaus Oslo, Billedhoggers Forening, Nasjonalmuseet i Oslo, Vaksdal Kommune, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen Kunsthall and Hordaland Kunstsenter, (internationally) TEOR/éTica (Costa Rica and the Caribbean), Casa do Povo (Brasil), U-Jazdowski (Poland) . She is one of the co-founders and co-curators of the interdisciplinary space KIOSKEN in Bergen and is an active member of the Empathic Pedagogies Network. 

Aisel Wicab (Mexico City)
Aisel is an artist, educator and cultural manager who researches and works with different media such as writing, drawing, video, performance and light art. She co-founded the expanded film group Colectivo Luz y Fuerza (2011) and was part of the international experimental film collective Trinchera Ensemble (2005-2011). For seven years she worked at Fundación Alumnos47 (2011-2018) leading the educational research area, designing and developing numerous social projects through contemporary art. For the last 15 years, she has shown her work and conducted workshops in public spaces, schools, cultural centers and museums in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Vienna, Slovakia, France and Spain.

moho – Mariana Alfaro and Surya Son 
moho is a design studio and a creative network, where we think of design as a living, open and mutant process. We do editorial design, visual identity, illustration, art direction, communication strategies and visual experiences. From our design practice, we investigate new tools to expand creative possibilities, aiming to promote exchanges of knowledge, help to resolve, inspire and communicate projects.