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Ewa Hubar is a choreographer, anthropologist, and massage therapist based in Warsaw. She works in the field of corporeality, political and cultural aspects of the body, anthropology of embodiment, dreaming, and imagination. She initiates actions based on a non-hierarchical exchange of knowledge and, above all, on embodied experience. She find the poetics and feminist potential of producing and receiving art in the experience and participation itself. During her artistic and anthropological lifepath, she realized and participated in various projects, performances, workshops, and artistic researches.

Stacy Brafield is an artist, writer, and educator based in Bergen. She is a graduate of MA Fine Arts at Bergen Academy of Art and has a degree in Practical-Pedagogical Education from the University of Bergen. She has been teaching art-based workshops since 2008, is an initiator and organiser of community project Form.Class and co-founder of artist group TASC Ablett & Brafield.Brafield´s research investigates relational aesthetics and the forms of social interaction and organisation. She builds communities within her artistic practice, creating spaces for dialogue between different materials, processes and people.

Fernanda Barreto (Brazil/Mexico)
Fernanda is an artist, translator and cultural manager, interested in educational and pedagogical practices. She has a degree in Visual Arts from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Masters in Visual Arts, specializing in Art and Environment from the Faculty of Art and Design at UNAM, Mexico. Her research focuses on language within communication practices, collective enunciation and social structures, making use of different media to respond to it.

La Hervidera is Ana G. Zambrano, Aisel Wicab and Cristina Medellín. We mix audiovisual media, plastic arts, live arts and pedagogies to design learning processes: situations, spaces, actions and objects. We produce art-education in a personal and professional way, for our own learning and that of others, we make performative and critical mediations to dialogue with audiences not specialized in art. We design laboratories of production and thought, experimental projects that unite coexistence, enjoyment, study and research.

Laagencia is an art projects office that promotes research and processes in art + education, stimulates debate on artistic and instituting practices, experimenting with different strategies and work methodologies to propose mediation formats, collaborative public programs, exercises of self -publication, and alternative ways of “doing” with others. Through its own research and open program ‘’Garage School’’, Laagencia is committed to giving visibility to a large number of local, national and international initiatives, whose interests are concerned with thinking about different formats in the production of knowledge and their circulation channels.. The project is made up of five artists, without any type of hierarchy, they are all directors, producers and participants.